Bruce Young - CEO

For the last 3 years BBY Capital Group has been helping clients get the funding they need for their business. Along with financing ERC tax credits, we also finance Film & R&D credits of all sizes. We can help with SBA Loans, Working Capital, A/R Factoring, and Government Contract Purchasing as well.

Client Results

Ron L.


Bruce and his team are really fast. They do what they say, when they say it. It was great getting my clients funded within the 10 business day timeframe and helping them put that money to work! I will definitely be back.

Stepanie M.


I found Bruce on LinkedIn. He said he was doing buyouts. My CEO recently filed and needed money for a new project. BBY made everything incredibly easy. He sent me one checklist with everything he needed. It was so simple. My CEO had no idea this was possible. Thank you!

Jordan M.

Italian Restaurant Owner

Very much recommend BBY Capital. They moved on time and kept me up to speed all the way up until funding. Thanks to the buyout I was able to fund two huge projects I would've missed out on.

Curtis C.

Oil Rigging Corp

Waited 7 months before I called Bruce. I sent him my first company but he told me I was getting paid in 4 weeks. I got my second company funded in 7 days. Should've called sooner. Thank you!

Victor K.

Sushi Restaurant Owner

My CPA said I was going to get back $208k. I submitted my file to BBY and they found an extra $27k. We got the funds in 15 days. Service seemed a little pricey but the quality and the execution were there. I would come back.

Manny A.

Non Profit for Teachers

The process ended up taking a little longer and we didn't get as much as we hoped but we still got funded. You helped us save our teachers jobs. We employ over 75 teachers. We would highly recommend BBY to anyone who may be looking.


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